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Job Title : Weldrite Ltd - Mechanical Manufacturing and Welding Technician - Advanced Apprenticeship
Employer : Weldrite Ltd
Location : Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV14 8RP
Position Type : Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship : Engineering Technician
Sector : Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
Vacancy Reference : VAC-00083
Brief Description : The role will require the candidate to work in the field of welding operations, which is the joining together of metal components and assemblies using extreme heat generated by electric or gas welding equipment to melt the metal.


Qualifications Required : GCSE C Grade is a Grade 4 (with a Grade 5 being the equivalent of a high C/low B).
Vacancy Detail : In your role as an Apprentice Welding Technician, you will:
• Report to the Supervisors and Engineers, and support the Welding Technician
• Take reasonable care of the Health and Safety of themselves and those around them
• Comply with the requirements of the Management Arrangements
• Comply with any other applicable management/safety/technical arrangements as identified by supervising staff or Site Manager
• Not interfere with anything provided in the interests of Health and Safety (PPE, fire extinguishers etc)
• Use plant and equipment correctly, in accordance with training and instruction as provided
• Assist the Welding Technician where technically competent to do so
• Report to supervising staff any shortcomings in protection arrangements for Health and Safety, or any situations considered to represent imminent danger
• Report all anomalies, safety hazards, equipment damage and other problems to the Management, Engineering or Supervision staff
• Prepare materials and components for welding operations.
• Utilise welding techniques to achieve structures or fabrications required as specified in procedures and drawings.
• Ensure dimensional accuracy in the fulfilment of production requirements and expectations of site based activities, including employment of approved distortion control methods.
• Eliminate or appropriately control all risks associated with personel, visitors, fire. E.g. work area segregation, shielding, fire extiguishers and removal of combustale materials.
• Ensure that the correct PPE is specified for the task at hand and regularly assessed for change. Including but not limited to the correct level of filtered face protection, gauntlets and flame proof coveralls.
• Ensure that all equipment is tested in accordance with regulations (e.g. PAT) and are in ticket/date prior to use. Also ensure that storage of items such as bottled gases and hoses are secure and guarded against damage.
• Ensure a Point of Work Risk Assessment (PoWRA) has been undertaken at the location of the welding task to identify and eliminate any additional risks. Confirm PoWRA completion with supervisor.
• Work from the information supplied by the Responsible Engineer or Supervisor to cut and prepare materials to be welded as required.
• Follow the detail within the weld procedure to select the process and consumable identified to be used. Where the manual metal arc process is detailed only draw the minimum number of electrodes and ensure a heated quiver is used where specified. Stub ends are not to be discarded but disposed of in a controlled and appropriate manner.
• Tack weld the prepared materials in accordance with weld procedure and the information supplied by the engineer or supervisor.
• Self check bridging tacks and provide opportunity for other parties to inspect root tacks to ensure compliance with the supplied information, then where required invite the respective inspection authority to witness/inspect identified intervention points and authorise the welding process to proceed. Obtain the necessary authorisation in the agreed format.
Positions Available : 2
Working Week : Mon-Thurs 8am-16:30pm Fri 8am-12:30pm Total Hours 37.5 Hours
Salary : £146.25 Per Week
Application Deadline Date : 22/10/2019
Possible Start Date : 01/11/2019
Personal Qualities : Demonstrate enthusiasm for developing a career in hands-on engineering
Demonstrate the qualities of a team player
Skills Required : An appreciation of general engineering, however no expert knowledge is required
A general understanding of what work as a Welding Technician involves
Training to be Provided : • Engineering Basic Skills training – off the job full time at Make UK in Aston, Birmingham
• NVQ Level 3 in Engineering
• A Technical Certificate (BTEC Diploma Level 3 in Engineering)
• In house training in line with your requirements.
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